Haresca Luxury Guest House


Haresca Luxury Guest House

Haresca Luxury is located in Parow, Cape Town exciting, historic theater district, just steps away from Goodwood Golf Club.

With its elegantly-restored, original Art Deco detail and stately accommodations, Haresca Luxury is a glowing reflection new design in the modern day, set in a prime location just steps from N1 Route.

Our Amazing Featured

Tranquil Retreat Suites: Indulge in the serenity of our exquisitely designed suites, each thoughtfully crafted to offer a haven of relaxation. From luxurious furnishings to captivating views, experience a harmonious blend of comfort and elegance.

Exclusive Amenities: From a sparkling pool deck to cozy lounges, our guest house provides an array of exclusive amenities that cater to your desires, adding an extra layer of indulgence to your stay.

Haresca Hideaway: Your Cozy Retreat

Experience the allure of seclusion and warmth at Haresca Hideaway, where every corner welcomes you to a cocoon of comfort.